Session Topics

Plenary Sessions 

  1. Breast cancer in young women
    • Addressing fertility issues
    • Treatment and surgery differences
    • Reconstructive surgery overview
  2. Catching it early
    • Survey of screening programs and results around the world
    • Addressing access to care
  3. Holistic cancer care
    • Panel discussion with medical and mental health professionals addressing importance of incorporating psychological aspect of care into comprehensive cancer care, including professional mental health services and/or peer support
  4. Metastatic breast cancer: discussion of the different needs of and issues faced by patients with advanced breast cancer
  5. The latest in research and treatment
    • Discussion of genetic testing (what it can and cannot do)
    • The newest and most promising treatments

Concurrent Sessions

  • Breast cancer in young women
    • Personal stories
    • Strategies for living well and long-term survival
    • Type of support needed after treatment
  • Catching it early
    • Importance of education and advocacy
    • Importance of screening
    • Reports from groups on what they are doing that works
  • Patient navigation
    • Role of patient navigators
    • Role of breast cancer nurses
    • Improving patient/doctor communications
  • Holistic cancer care – role and types of complementary care
    • Meditation
    • Yoga
    • Acupuncture
    • Massage
    • Diet
    • Lifestyle changes
  • Metastatic breast cancer
    • Living well for longer, improving quality of life
    • Personal stories
    • Differing needs for support
  • Body image after breast cancer
    • Psychological impact of reconstructive surgeries
    • Sexuality after breast cancer
    • Overcoming body image issues
  • Psychological aspect of breast cancer
    • Dealing with the effects on family
    • Talking with children about mom’s diagnosis
    • How to deliver the news (from doctor’s perspective to patient or patient’s perspective to loved ones, employers, etc.)
  • Myth-busting – dispelling the myths about breast cancer
    • Contagious
    • Surgery causes it to spread
    • Brings bad luck