Pre-Conference Workshops

Registered delegates are invited to sign-up to attend one of two free pre-conference workshop on Wednesday, 12 June from 13:30 – 17:00!

Choose from one of the two workshops listed below.

Please note that the registration procedures for each of the two workshops are different.  Please follow the registration instructions associated with the workshop you wish to attend.  


For Fully-Registered Conference Delegates

Improving Communication Skills in Cancer

an ABC Global Alliance Workshop


  • Maira Caleffi 
    MD, PhD, President of FEMAMA – Brazilian Federation of Philanthropic Breast Health Institutions, Brazil
  • Ranjit Kaur Pritam Singh
    The ABC Global Alliance, Board Member of RRI, President of Breast Cancer Welfare Association,  Malaysia
  • A. Dawkins
    360° Communication, UK

Workshop Description

This is an interactive and highly practical workshop designed to explore the key principles supporting effective communication between oncology professionals and patients and their families.  Many factors that must be considered to ensure the communication experience is a positive and productive one.

Certain conversations will be particularly challenging, such as breaking or receiving bad news or appealing for access to new therapies.  Such conversations must be navigated carefully, as emotions such as distress, anxiety, anger and disbelief may derail efforts to explore treatment options.

When exploring therapeutic and treatment options, either party to the conversation may face resistance and differences of opinion.  Working with real life case studies and guided by an experienced facilitator, delegates will explore and practice a variety of different communication tools and techniques, all designed to help them become constructive, collaborative and outcome focused communicators.

To register for this workshop, click here.  Space is limited to 50 participants.

For further information about this workshop or about the ABC Global Alliance visit or contact:

Roberta Ventura
Tel: +41 91 820 09 57


Starting up a peer support programme

A Reach to Recovery International (RRI) workshop


  • Ann Steyn
    Vice President of RRI, Board Member for Reach for Recovery South Africa and the UICC
  • Leonie Young
    Peer Support Coordinator for Choices Cancer Care Centre of the Wesley Hospital, Immediate Past Chair of the Consumer Advisory Panel, Breast Cancer Trials (Australia and New Zealand)

Workshop Description

This interactive workshop is for volunteers who wish to address the psychosocial needs of breast cancer patients by establishing new peer support programmes.  It will also be useful for all volunteers who are in peer support groups and would like to develop a clear understanding of all the aspects of a one-to-one peer support programme.

The workshop will offer guidelines for establishing a programme.  These guidelines will encompass the preliminary work required before such a programme can be initiated, such as clarifying the need for the service and the support for it in the community and from the medical profession.

The workshop will consider different types of programmes that could be implemented.  Programme aims, objectives, and activities will be defined and key tasks in establishing a programme will be discussed.  Workshop participants will also discuss the selection and recruitment of peer support volunteers, look at an initial training programme, and establish a protocol for providing peer support.

To register for this workshop, click here. Space is limited to 30 participants.  


Continuing Education for Medical Professionals

The Role of the Breast Cancer Care Nurse


  • Jo Lovelock
    Midwife and Breast Care Nurse, McGrath Foundation BCN, The Bays Healthcare Group
  • Katie Lovelock
    BA Melb, MIR Melb

Workshop Description

According to the World Health Organization breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women. Approximately 18,000 women and 145 men in Australia and 7000 women from the Czech Republic are newly diagnosed each year with approximately 3000 Australian and 1900 Czech women dying from the disease. This workshop will explore the role of the Australian Breast Care Nurse (BCN) as part of the multi-disciplinary health team in caring for women and men from their diagnosis, throughout their treatment and beyond. Best practices in breast care will be discussed within the Australian Optimal Care Pathway. Individualized treatment plans and case studies will also be discussed.

To register for this workshop, click here. Space is limited to 30 participants. 

Price: 47 USD