Session Topics

Free Pre-conference Workshops

Please note that you can select one workshop only. Workshops are included in the conference registration fee.

For Volunteers

  • Integrating social media and the internet into your peer-support program
  • Starting up a peer-support program (to include financing, recruiting and training volunteers, procuring patient referrals, oversight and evaluation)
  • Developing leadership skills (for operators and leaders of peer-support programs)
  • Addressing diversity among patients and volunteers

For Medical Professionals

  • Addressing lymphedema
  • Breast cancer in the world of viral internet

Paid Pre-conference Workshops

Please not that you can select one workshop only.

Price for the workshop is 47 USD (40 EUR). The price is not included in the conference registration fee.

For Medical Professions

  • The role of the breast cancer nurse
  • Psychological aspects of communication with patients

Plenary Sessions 

  1. Breast cancer in young women
    • Addressing fertility issues
    • Treatment and surgery differences
    • Reconstructive surgery overview
  2. Catching it early
    • Survey of screening programs and results around the world
    • Addressing access to care
  3. Holistic cancer care
    • Panel discussion with medical and mental health professionals addressing importance of incorporating psychological aspect of care into comprehensive cancer care, including professional mental health services and/or peer support
  4. Metastatic breast cancer: discussion of the different needs of and issues faced by patients with advanced breast cancer
  5. The latest in research and treatment
    • Discussion of genetic testing (what it can and cannot do)
    • The newest and most promising treatments

Concurrent Sessions

  • Breast cancer in young women
    • Personal stories
    • Strategies for living well and long-term survival
    • Type of support needed after treatment
  • Catching it early
    • Importance of education and advocacy
    • Importance of screening
    • Reports from groups on what they are doing that works
  • Patient navigation
    • Role of patient navigators
    • Role of breast cancer nurses
    • Improving patient/doctor communications
  • Holistic cancer care – role and types of complementary care
    • Meditation
    • Yoga
    • Acupuncture
    • Massage
    • Diet
    • Lifestyle changes
  • Metastatic breast cancer
    • Living well for longer, improving quality of life
    • Personal stories
    • Differing needs for support
  • Body image after breast cancer
    • Psychological impact of reconstructive surgeries
    • Sexuality after breast cancer
    • Overcoming body image issues
  • Psychological aspect of breast cancer
    • Dealing with the effects on family
    • Talking with children about mom’s diagnosis
    • How to deliver the news (from doctor’s perspective to patient or patient’s perspective to loved ones, employers, etc.)
  • Myth-busting – dispelling the myths about breast cancer
    • Contagious
    • Surgery causes it to spread
    • Brings bad luck